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Mahjong Empire

Mahjong Empire follows the classic rules of mahjong solitaire where you need select two open identical tiles to remove them from the board. An open tile is a tile which's right or left side is free and has no overlapping tile on top. The goal of the game is to clear the board by removing all free tiles before time runs out.

Mahjong Empire allows you to pause the game, so you can comfortably go to the refrigerator and get a snack with no fear of loosing. The game also gives you three free hints and three shuffle moves per game to help you when you're stuck. A hint reveals an open pair of tiles that you can remover, while using shuffle rearranges the tiles on the board opening up new open tile pairs.

The game features twenty four fun mahjong tile layouts. The tile sets including a cell phone a fish, a flower and a sailing boat. Overall, Mahjong Empire is a well executed take on a classic favourite.