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Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect's gives an interesting twist to mahjong. The goal of the game is to clear the board by linking available tiles before time runs out. The mahjong tiles need to be free and linkable with no more than three lines in order for them to be cleared. Each time you clear a pair of mahjong tiles more time is added to the timer, once time runs out you loose. If you clear the board the game levels up and challenges you with a slightly more difficult tile layout

To make the game more interesting Mahjong Connect features a random time bar. Once the random time runs out you are hit with a random event that makes it a bit more difficult for you to clear the board! The game features three random events: dark screen, blind, clouds and the rock. Dark screen makes the screen go darker for a few seconds making it harder to find mahjong tiles to match. When Blind happens your cursor disappears for a few second, you can still click and match tiles but it makes it a bit more difficult. Clouds make clouds cover the mahjong board for a few seconds. Rock drops a rock on an open spot in the board, making it harder to connect the tiles.

To balance it out Mahjong Connect also tries to help you out. The game gives you three free hints and three rearrange moves per level. A hint shows you with mahjong tiles are open for connection, where as rearrange reorders the tiles in the board opening up new mahjong pairs for connecting. Use these helpers freely as they are replenished each time you move to the next level

Overall we like Mahjong Connect at ! Its take on classic mahjong refreshes the game making it more interesting for match three puzzle game lovers!