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Mahjongg 2

Mahjongg 2 is a free version of mahjong solitaire. The goal of the game is to match identical tile pairs to remove them from the board. You can only match tiles that have either their right or left side open and which do not have any tile on top of them. You win the game when you clear all the tiles from the board.

The game lets you play using two different tile sets. You can play with both traditional chinese mahjong tiles or with a simpler tile set. The simpler tiles makes it easier for beginners to find matching pairs by having easier to differentiate artwork and color scheme.

The game features a nice hint system to help you when you're stuck. A hint reveals a tile that can be removed, but decreases your score by 1000 points. So if you want to get the best possible score we suggest you to sue hints sparingly.

Go on, have fun with this nice free mahjong game !