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Dragon Dice Mahjong

Dragon Dice mahjong is a mahjong duelling game. The objective is to clear the board by matching identical free mahjong pairs. An open tile is a tile where either the left or right side of the tile is free, and which doesn't have an overlapping tile on top. The game is turn based, you take a turn then the computer opponent takes the next turn. When a turn starts, the player's time starts decreasing, when a match is made the timer stops and is refilled slightly awaiting the player's next turn. The player that can not find any matches before his timer runs out looses the mahjong duel.

If you can't find any matches on the mahjong board click the shuffle button, this shuffle all the mahjong tiles on the board. The game also gives you the ability to use hints, to revealing available open pairs. The amount of hints and shuffle uses during a duel is limited so choose carefully when to use them.

The game offers to different game modes story campaign or play a quick duel. Go ahead and play Dragon Dice Mahjong, the game gives a nice twist to the classic puzzle game, and best of all its free !