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Celtic Mahjong

Celtic Mahjong is a free version of mahjong solitaire using Celtic tiles. The goal of the game is to clear all tiles on the board by matching identical pairs that are free. A pair is free if either of its sides is open, and it hasn't a tile blocking it from the top. When you are playing the game if you can not select a tile this means it is blocked. When you make a correct math both tiles will be removed from the board. Tiles are considered identical if they have the same image, but different colors can also be matched.

If you are stuck Celtic Mahjong gives you the ability to use hints. When you use a hint the game highlights a pair of tiles that are open for matching. However, using hints will decrease your score and not necessarily show you the best available move.

Celtic Mahjong has a nice user interface, and it always shows you the amount of free tiles and free pais in the current board as well as the total amount of tiles left on the board at any given time during your game. The game features 10 unique board designs for you to enjoy freely.