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Free Mahjong is a site dedicated to the wonderful mahjong game. You can find free mahjong and mahjong solitaire games as well as some new versions of this classic puzzle game. Read some of our articles and llearn about the mahjong game and its history, and most important have fun and enjoy some free games !

Mahjong - the worlds favorite puzzle game

Mahjong is a traditional Asian puzzle game involving elements of strategy, skill and luck. Some variations of mahjong can make luck the one key to success. Mahjongs have become popular on the web as it makes for a very nice online game that can be played right in your Internet browser.

The most common form of the game found online is Mahjong Solitaire, also known as Mahjongg. Whereas the original mahjong game was developed by Confucius in 500 BC, Mahjong Solitaire is much newer. The game was created in 1981 by Brodie Lockard as a computer game on the Plato System, and was originally called mahjongg.

When playing a game of mahjongg the goal is clear the board of game tiles. At the beginning of the game the Mahjong tiles are stacked in a pyramid; tiles are removed by matching identical pairs of Mahjong tiles, exposing the tiles under them. The game ends when there are no tiles on the board, or when there are no more identical pairs that can be removed.

Many online version of mahjong solitaire us the same tiles as classic Mahjong, however there are many variations on the classic mahjong tiles including tiles with a celtic theme.

What are you wainting for ! Go have fun and play some free Mahjong!